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A woman experiences toothache but can not determine the cause.

Top 5 Causes of Toothache

Anyone who has experienced toothache will know that it makes a person feel miserable. The first step to relieving the pain and misery starts with figuring out what has caused the toothache.

Below is the top 5 most common reasons for toothaches so that you can identify what might be the culprit, and take the necessary action.

5. Temperature Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is identified by a sharp pain in the tooth during, or soon after, eating or drinking something cold or hot. This sensitivity is caused by worn down tooth enamel that is exposing the inner layers of your tooth, or it can be a result of recent teeth whitening. To protect your teeth from the effects of extreme temperatures, try a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth, and consult your dentist for recommendations and further treatment options.

4. Tooth Fractures

All types of physical activity or eating something hard or sticky can crack or chip your teeth. When a fractured tooth begins to hurt, it means the fracture has made its way to the middle of the tooth, exposing nerve endings and resulting in excruciating pain.

A fracture can reach the nerves of the tooth when the chip/crack occurs, or it can develop over time as the tooth damage worsens. This is why it is important for all fractures to be seen to by your dentist as soon as possible before they have the chance to worsen.

3. Gum Disease

Dull pain, swollen, tender, and bleeding gums, and sometimes tooth pain are some of the signs and symptoms of gum disease. The tooth pain is caused by the inflammation of the oral bone and gums, which is a result of the bacterial infection. If left untreated, teeth, gums, and oral bones could be damaged or lost, and surgical measures may have to be taken to remove the infection.

2. Tooth Abscess

When tooth decay advances to the point of affecting the root beneath the tooth, the root and the surrounding tissue become infected. A tooth abscess forms when the infection forms a pocket of pus under the affected tooth. This level of infection causes widespread pulsating pain, which makes it difficult for the individual to pinpoint the tooth that is causing the pain. This is a very serious dental condition and needs to be professionally dealt with as soon as possible as it can result in bone and tissue loss.

1. Tooth Decay

The most common reason for a painful toothache is tooth decay. For the tooth and the surrounding area to hurt, the decay would have reached the inner layer of the tooth, called dentin. Once the dentin is damaged, the tooth becomes very sensitive and a cavity would have developed.

If the toothache becomes less of an ache and more of a sharp pain, the tooth decay has most likely reached the center of the tooth. If left untreated, the pain will become very intense. Tooth decay should be seen to by a dentist as soon as possible as it can quickly lead to bigger dental issues.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms described above contact Dr. Adrian today for a simple examination that can determine your dental issue.The sooner you see a professional, the better, as delaying a visit to the dentist can make a simple problem grow into a larger dental condition.

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